September 10, 2015

Train the Trainer by the Initiative for Transgender Leadership is a hands-on program where trans youth (16-26) are teamed with experienced professional trainers so they can build the skills to provide Trans Cultural Competency trainings to the greater community. Trans youth will be paid for their time while they create new training models/content and develop the confidence to provide trainings to nonprofits, healthcare offices, and businesses. 

• Adult mentors will work as volunteers
• Youth will be paid $15/hr while learning and creating content
• While providing community trainings youth will be paid $20/hr
• The program will start on October 17th and end on May 31st
• It will take 32 hours to complete
    • 20 hours of learning and creating content
    • 12 hours of providing community trainings

Those interested are encouraged to text TtT to (412)-848-4054 or to email with TtT in the subject line for more information. 

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